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Numen books was established in Melbourne, Australia in 2011. Numen Books originally published books on spiritual traditions, but has since expanded into new markets. Since 2011 we have published new material on philosophy, history, psychology, poetry, and fiction. We hope to provide content which can enlighten or otherwise mentally stimulate the reader – whether by means of knowledge or by means of art – and that our books can create a better world. Numen Books also intends to address the rift between academic content and the non-academic reader. All too often academic material circulates only within its own private niche, and fails to make an sort of impetus on society due it’s exclusive nature.

Our business name is derived from the Latin word numen (divinity, divine presence, or divine will). Cicero writes of a divine mind (divina mens), and a divine power (vim divinam) which was believed to pervade the lives of humanity.The word numen was also used to describe the power of  ancient Rome. Since the early 20th century the word  numen has been identified with  spiritual traditions, and is also used to refer to the idea of inherent power residing in an object, in a similar way to the idea of mana.

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Experienced authors and talented new writers who are experts in their chosen fields.

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Numen Books has global wholesale distribution and can ship from the USA and the UK.

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