Featured Author: Andrew Vastag

Our newest author is Andrew Vastag, author of Theories, Ideas, and Insights (to be released in September). Andrew Vastag’s work presents an innovative and unique combination of traditional religious thought and philosophy with psychology. Andrew introduces himself to readers of Numen Books below: My name is Andrew Vastag and I was born at Footscray Hospital, Melbourne Australia on 11 August 1971. In 1988, I started writing extensively and kept many diaries of poetry and essays I had written over the years. I have written several unpublished books in the genres of science fiction and philosophy. In 2004, I received a Diploma…

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All Books Back in Stock

Numen Books

Following the success of our August sale, titles at Numen Books are back in stock. We also have selected titles from other publishers available and hope to expand our distribution to include more titles from other businesses in the near future. Please note that we are located in Australia – therefore it may be cheaper for people in the United Kingdom and the United States to purchase titles from Amazon (or another domestic retailer) due to the cost of shipping from Australia. You can view our current books here

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